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Test Ride: Cambridge to Lincoln

 I have bought a new “bean-style” bag for the summer trip  — which seemed like a good idea give the pain and suffering that the bean-of-doom caused me on my previous trip and which had been endlessly chronicled in previous posts. However, before heading off to Stockholm it seemed prudent to give the bean, bike and body a bit of a work out.  Son-of-bean is a Restrap Saddle Bag  which certainly seems to be very well constructed  I also added a Restrap Handlebar Bag  so I could be “matchy matchy” and look cool on the road. It’s a difficult job choosing a route for a test. Needs to be long enough for a good work out. Has to involve an overnight stay to make sure I have all the right stuff packed. Best to to not be hilly so I don’t kill myself.  Cambridge to Lincoln is was a pan flat 188km according to my new Garmin 840 head unit and would necessitate an overnight stay. I booked the Holiday Inn a week ago and had the joy of them sending me an email *every effing day* about the joys of Linco